Timber lagging

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Lagging – a timber for the manufacture of which does not require a separate article, and a separate proceeding. Lagging – a supporting material, which is formed independently in the manufacture of the base material.

Lagging – a piece of wood, which was formed at the side of the sawing logs. This piece of propylene with one side completely and the other covered with crust.

Lagging can be used in construction, and as a good material for kindling fireplaces and stoves.

Lagging is of two kinds – gorbylny and boardwalk. Gorbylny lagging propylene with one side completely, but with a different or no propylene or propylene small part. This is the most lagging is used as a good fuel, as in the construction of it is not suitable.

Clapboard lagging – is lagging that from both sides of propylene, wherein the one hand he propylene as gorbylny completely, and the other or also completely or more than half. This lagging can already be used in the construction.

Scope plank lagging not diverse. Most often, it is used for temporary structures, for the construction of scaffolding, or in the mining industry to strengthen mining. It was in mining applications lagging much more popular.

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