The difference from the timber edged boards

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Quite often professional builders ask the question – of what the future will be built wooden house – from a bar or edging board. Somehow in the society lives the stereotype that edged boards (as well as edging) have a higher quality than the standard timber. However, it is not. Bruce is calibrated edged boards. In other words, this board or beam, which gives a clear shape and standard size. The most typical beam dimensions are 100 to 100, 150 to 150 and 200 to 200. The numerical characteristics of timber are length and width.

Origin and timber, and cut the board the same way: they come from the coniferous forest. Generally, beams and planks made from pine and spruce. Other types of wood is not used for best results.

Qualitative Characteristics edged planks and beams are similar. Both these types of eco-friendly, safe, non-absorbent, able to breathe. Houses built out of lumber, have excellent breathability. In addition, the edging boards and beams have an attractive appearance.

In addition, the edging boards and beams may sometimes be different views covering and impregnation. As a rule, edged board, as well as all types of construction timber, has no chemical treatment. Bruce is exposed varnished for a long operation.

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