Types of boards by the method of sawing

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Lumber – is one of the most sought after and popular types of lumber. Bulletin – a material made of wood, the thickness of which ranges from 1.5 to 10 centimeters. The width of the board must be twice the thickness.

The boards differ from each other in quality, the method of cutting, etc.

Medullary boards – boards that middle cut from logs, in their structure, they comprise a core. These boards have a large number of knots. These knots significantly reduce the quality of the timber.

Furthermore, in the central part of this board is cracked, so medullary board susceptible to cracking. Cutting core of the board is sawed thickness of about 4 centimeters. For sawing thicker logs needed. Thin board premium is not made from the core.

The central board – a board, of which the core is sawn along the axis. When sawing such boards are best seen various defects that may be present on the inside of the board. The central plank least susceptible to cracking. The quality of these boards are much better than the core.

Referring to last boards are sideboards. Get these boards during sawing logs between the core and croaker. Side boards contain less likely knots, making these boards easily planed. Boards of this kind of high quality, have a smooth surface, fewer defects.

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