Lumber – lagging

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Lagging – a kind of lumber for the manufacture of which does not require additional costs and additional materials. Lagging obtained as auxiliary material in the production of primary.

For manufacturing lagging necessary and integral circular beam. When cutting the rod to form part of the timber, in which one side of propylene and one coated crust. This part and nazevaetsya lagging.

Lagging can be of different kinds. It depends on the outside lagging. If it is covered completely bark or propylene is less than half this lagging the called gorbylnym. It is most often used for lighting stoves and fireplaces. This tree was good, and says it does not emit harmful substances to the body.

Lagging, the outer side of which drank more than half is called a wooden lagging. Such lagging can already be used not only as a fuel. It can already be used in construction. Typically, the scope of this lagging – the construction of temporary structures, construction scaffolding, formwork installation. Also lagging is widely used in the mining industry to strengthen mining.

Lagging can be purchased in specialized points of sale of lumber, or directly from the producer himself.

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