Shaped timber for timber construction

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Over the past few years, the market of building materials significantly added all sorts of suggestions, but the most attractive to individual developers are still wooden houses. The main reason – the relatively low price of the forest in our country. Apart from the fact that the use of timber makes it possible to save on construction, wood helps to realize your ideas and images born of national traditions. In addition, the wooden buildings more environmentally friendly, allow for breathability.

In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, such as having to wait for “settling” home for about six months, drying wood, it is recommended to build a house from the dried in vitro polished timber. The dried soft timber chamber method, unlike lumber, dried naturally, almost no leads or crack, which is important in the process of construction.

To make the material more aesthetic and reliable, for the production of dry timber using a solid, resin-impregnated heartwood. The use of modern technologies allows sand bar to perfection, leaving no need to decorate the house inside. Highest accuracy, as the fundamental approach in the production of polished timber, makes it possible to specify certain dimensions, making insulation slots, landing head, smooth surface, etc., which greatly simplifies the further work with it customer.

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